Riesel-design Mudguards land in New Zealand

Green Monkey Velo has partnered with Germany design company Rie:sel to bring their eye-catching colourful mudguards to the shores of New Zealand. This German company started by capturing cyclists imagination with their application of wild graphics directly on to frame-sets and subsequently they moved into providing more colour into mudguards and a variety of other products. Over the last few months, we have been busy producing custom-made mud-guards for a number of clients, particularly in Rotorua where it all happens for mountain biking. We have happy customers from Bike Culture, Skyline, CycleZone, Zippys Central, Mountain Bike Rotorua (MBR) to name a few.  In the retail range we have a fantastic range that would satisfy your desire to add more color to your bikes.  We've launched the retail range just in time for Christmas shopping and would make awesome gifts for your family members or mates!

 Background of Riesel-design

Made in Germany with biodegradable plastic at only 23g a pop, the Rie:sel fenders are race-ready. Get ready to colour your bike life with the wildly fantastic designs available.

Rie:sel’s production process impregnates the graphics into the injection molded plastics creating a highly durable design that will withstand abuse from mud, rocks, debris, and the subsequent soap and water.  They come with a three-year warranty so you'll be able to buy with confidence that they will last the distance!

There are nine unique graphic designs are available, satisfying the thirst for any wild expressions of individuality.  Buy a mud-guard that stands out from the crowd, get a mud-guard that matches your bike colour or one as a gift for someone. If wild colourful designs is not your thing, we still have you covered with smart black and white designs that will go with anything.

Check out the full-line that is available in New Zealand here

Grizzly Bears make you faster! Also the Redwood Gorilla, just think about that Gorilla in the Redwoods to send your Adrenalin pumping to carve those trails faster than ever! The guards will bring out the best of you under any conditions and keep you cleaner than before.


Green Monkey Velo will be bringing more rie-sel design cool stuff to you soon! Stay tuned for the product announcements.  Visit our range of mud-guards here