Washing Kit: Some Tips!

This is a topic that comes up quite often in our conversations with our customers that we thought it pertinent to provide some top tips on caring for your cycling kit.


Do you notice your kit colours fading too soon? Its not because you make it dirty frequently, but rather its the way you are cleaning your kit.  If you use enzyme-based detergents, it can fade the dyes in the fabric faster and using hot or warm water during the washing process will make it worse.


Solution:  Stop using washing powder with enzymes or fragrances. Use cold wash and go for more natural detergents.


Stay away from fabric softeners and its best to hang dry your cycling garments, although depending on the type of dryer you have, a condenser dryer can be OK. 


We will soon be offering special washing bags which can be used to protect your precious cycling kit during the washing cycle.  Stay tuned!   If you would like to put your name down for one of these bags, please send us an email.


Caring for your Bib shorts 

  • Wash your bib shorts after each ride (don’t leave them in a dirty laundry pile for days)
  • Hang-dry your bib shorts
      • Dry in the shade to prevent fading and damage from the
        UV rays
      • Avoid fabric softeners at all costs.
  • Be-careful when applying sun-screen (excessive contact with the grippers could cause the curling effect). 
  • Check your seat-post bolts and/or saddle bags to ensure there is nothing protruding to cause un-due wear and tear on your bibs.  You don’t want anything that can snag or rub against your bib shorts.
  • Make sure you place gloves and other garments with velcro in a seperate bag to prevent catching on the bib shorts fabrics.
  • For the best fit, it is best to pull your bibs on, pulling the gripper inside out and then re-positioning onto your desired spot on your leg. 


If you have any further tips for washing and caring for your cycling kit, please let us know your experiences. We’d love to hear from you.