Meet GreenMonkey Athlete Natasha Bowyer

Natasha Bowyer, kiwi top triathlete, joined the GreenMonkey clan several months ago. Her goal is to race on the WTS circuit against the fastest girls in the world.

Why do you love cycling?

"Nothing beats the feeling of getting to the coffee shop after a hard hit out on a bunch ride, or having a nap after a big day on the bike! I also love the feeling of going fast in a bunch or on a downhill."

Where is your favourite place to train?

"I like mountain biking at Woodhill Forrest and I like riding around the back of Taupaki, any long quiet roads!"

What is your favourite food?

"My favourite proper food is Nachos (from the Rusty Pelican at Matakana), and my favourite snack is lollies (fizzes and feijoa lollies)."

What bike do you ride?

"S-Works Venge"

 What do you like to do in your spare or relaxation time? (aside from cycling)

"I enjoy being at the beach, diving, surfing and taking naps."

 Cycling has given me the gift of….

"I love that cycling is constantly challenging physically and technically, and there are always gains to be made in both areas." 

 What’s your favourite thing about GM kit?

"Firstly, I love the designs! But also like the fit of the kit, especially the tops, they are a really nice material."


Follow Natasha's journey on Instagram - @natashabowyer