PowerPod comes to New Zealand: Available to order now.

GreenMonkey Velo will be landing the new updated PowerPod units later in February 2017. You can be confident when purchasing a unit with us as we provide a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not 100% satisfied. Shop now to reserve your unit, they are limited in numbers.

This is perhaps the most affordable entry point to the world of power training.

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The unique thing with the PowerPod is there is no need swap-out your wheels, crank, pedals, or bottom bracket! There is no gluing or water bags involved either. Its quite a simple process to get started and you can focus on getting out there on the bike! 

1) Attach PowerPod to your handlebars using the included GoPro-style mount; 

2) Pair PowerPod to your ANT bike computer and speed sensors; 

3) then ride! 

Can PowerPod really be so easy to setup and use? See for yourself; check out the PowerPod instruction manual here.

PowerPod wirelessly sends its accurate, both-leg power measurements to your ANT bike computer, such as Garmin or Bryton.

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The official press release went live on February 1, 2017 and already Triathlonbusiness, BicycleRetailer and Bike Biz have picked it up. Triathlon business says: “Velocomp improves PowerPod calibration accuracy and ‘goes Aero’” while Bicycle Retailer says “Velocomp improves PowerPod calibration, adds framework for ‘wind tunnel’ upgrade”




Velocomp improves PowerPod® calibration accuracy, adds framework for aerodynamic measurements

Velocomp has released free Firmware 6.21, adding two notable advancements to PowerPod: 

  • An optional out-and-back calibration ride which fine-tunes wind and power measurement.  The ride is enabled through Velocomp’s free Isaac software for PC/Mac. 
  • Proprietary aerodynamic algorithms enabling PowerPod’s Real World Wind Tunnel upgrade, slated for Q1 2017 launch.  Soon, any cyclist owning a PowerPod and an approved Direct Force Power Meter will be able to measure aerodynamic data (CdA) on their bike. 

Firmware 6.21 continues Velocomp’s long tradition of improving the performance and capabilities of its patented power measurement technology and is retroactively compatible with all PowerPods. The Update can be downloaded through Isaac software by accessing “Device / Check online for FW update”.  

“We believe that the demands of the 21st century competitive cyclist exceed the capabilities of 20th century power measurement”. Said Phillip Lucas, Velocomp’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “With update 6.21 we prove again that our patented, disruptive technology provides more insightful cycling data than possible with traditional strain gauge power technology.” 

DC Rainmaker also wrote one of his trademark in-depth reviews about the PowerPod, you can read about it here:  DC Rainmaker PowerPod review. To purchase your PowerPod now click on the box below.