Q+A With Athlete Tarren Sohier

Did you know that May is bike month? To celebrate, GreenMonkey reached out to a few of our athletes to find out why they love cycling! We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tarren Sohier.

Why do you love cycling?

“Like anything, it’s what you make of it. When I get on a bike, I feel a sense of freedom and adventure. You can ride one-hundred meters or one-hundred kilometers. The point is, you decide, and it’s often that you end up where no other mode of transport can take you, in the most peculiar and interesting of places—and you alone (with your bike) got you there.”

Where is your favourite place to train?

“In Australia, I’d enjoy winding through the back-street hills of the central coast—steep climbs and fast descents. In America, Wisconsin’s landscape is flat, so I rather find a trail in one the many recreation parks or an old gravel rail trail (there’s many).”

What bike do you ride?

“Trek Checkpoint.”



What is your favourite food?

“This is tough. Seafood of all kinds. I have to say, a lightly cooked tuna steak, sashimi, scallops and natural oysters.”

What do you like to do in your spare or relaxation time? (aside from cycling)

“Workout at the gym (strength training), kayak, run, read (although I have ten books going at once), listen to music, dance, big fan of laying on a beach or being out on the water, travel, visit a cafe, walk to discover new places, bake, meditate, get a massage (every two weeks, sometimes every week), an array of other self-care activities, and improving/tidying living space because that’s important.”

Cycling has given me the gift of….

“Fitness, friendship, adventure and passion.  I’ve met so many wonderful people through cycling—life-long friends.”

What’s your favourite thing about GM kit?

“This trisuit moves with me. It’s supportive, comfortable, and I love the customization."

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