Seven Tips for Effective Zwift Racing

Once you have started using Zwift, participating in some Zwift racing may become of interest. Through a bit of trial and error, we have put together seven tips that may help you get the best result with your current fitness levels.

1. Get There Early

I have found in races with large numbers it can help to be there with 5-10 mins to go to get near the front grid. This can help in the start of races when it is often full gas for the first 2-3 mins or so. Every bit of an advantage can help.

2. Be Race Ready

The start of most races is full gas for the first 2-3 mins until groups form. I have found if I do some race surges during my warm up, I am ready to go hard and hold it until groups start to merge. It is best to wind it up with 10 seconds to go before the go so you are already going high wattage.

3. Know The Course

Knowing key parts of the course give an advantage to where the pressure will be really on! Normally the climbs are the key stages or near the end in lumpy parts of courses. Best to save the attacks or to hang on on these stages are the drafting on other parts neutralises many moves.

4. Select A Suitable Category

Selecting the right category is important as if you are in the wrong category, it is likely you will get dropped early and end up doing a long time trial. It is better to be in a category that you are able to sit with and have the ability to attack a few times or hang on in key moments to get that variability in the race. Once you have done a few races you will get a good idea where you best fit.

5. Nutrition 

Zwift races are intense! So, hydration and fuelling are vital to perform well. Ensure you keep your carb intake and sports drink up. With such high intensity, some people tend to use gels and sports drink to get this done as solids may be harder to ingest.  

6. Clothing

Selecting the right clothing is something many people may not always think of when training indoors. Check out an article from Green Monkey on base layer use. Also GreenMonkey has a new indoor collection available for pre-order - Visit GMV Indoor Collection now to find out more. GreenMonkey has also recently done the Four Star Racing Collection. If you are a member of an indoor racing team, and need some customised indoor racing kit, please contact Daniel at GreenMonkey Velo.

7. Use a suitable fan 

Using a powerful fan can be a game-changer in keeping cool during your Zwift sessions.  GreenMonkey recommends the VacMaster54 as it has wide strong airflow with three angled positions. It also has a wireless remote which can be put on your handlebars.  It has three wind speed settings, with the fastest being 50km+!  There are other options such as the Wahoo KICKR headwind or you can pick up some basic fans from your local hardware store.