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If you are in the market for a power-meter but don't want to break the bank balance, the PowerPod is a great starting point as you foray into the world of power training. GreenMonkey Velo is the exclusive distributor for PowerPod in New Zealand.

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PowerPod BLE

DC Rainmaker is a highly respected blogger online who has reviewed almost all of the power meter products in the market-place and has written an in-depth review of the PowerPod - in-depth review of PowerPod by DC Rainmaker, and also check out his report on the PowerPod BLE.

If you have recently purchased a PowerPod, here is the calibration video on Youtube. It will help ensure you have your unit set up correctly. If you still have issues after watching this video, contact us directly.

The PowerPod has become the simplest and most complete solution for starting to ride with power on the marketplace.  BikeRumor was the most recent to publish a review:  BikeRumor PowerPod Review

Many more reviews on the PowerPod has been coming out this year, which you can read below and visit the links if you wish.

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It turns out that the PowerPod doesn’t just pair with the speed sensor on the bike, it pairs with every nearby ANT+ sensor. In my case, that includes cadence and heart rate as well. The wind sensor that calculates your drag coefficient can also reassure you that it isn’t just that you’re slow, but you can blame that headwind as well. When paired with a cadence sensor, it calculates how efficient your pedal stroke is. And using accelerometers, it can figure out when you’re coasting, braking, and standing to get an idea of your overall efficiency as a rider. “

So what’s the verdict on this thing? Is it possible to get good power data for less than half the cost of the next thing on the market? Yeah, sure. The PowerPod proved to be a consistent (and surprisingly durable) performer in a variety of conditions, some of which it was never intended for. It is arguably not the most accurate system out there when faced with off-road and other rough surfaces, but it’s consistent and as a training tool that’s the only thing that matters.

(This was a unit from before the PowerPod software update for rough roads)



“For years, the trade-off for having a power meter meant adding a heavy crankset to one’s bike, or building some heavy contraption into the hub of your coveted wheelset. In either case, it marked a drastic departure from the notion of having a lightweight road bike. Even the most current, sophisticated power meters still lack svelte. However, a small state-side company called Velocomp, offers a simple add-on power meter called the PowerPod, which boasts impressive accuracy right from one’s handlebars.”

“The technology is simple. By taking measurements up to 800 times per second, the PowerPod calculates power based on opposing forces caused by changes in gradients, wind, acceleration and friction, and measures said forces against those being applied by both legs to determine a cyclist’s power output…. So long boat anchor, we mean power meter!


Triathlete buyers guide

The PowerPod is a bit different than other power meters in that it focuses on aerodynamics to measure your power output. The tiny unit mounts onto your handlebars using a GoPro-style mounting adapter, and then will broadcast your power over both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart. This allows your bike computer or GPS watch to easily display and record power like any other power meter. Accuracy is generally quite good, though there are some cases (such as going off-road) where it may take a few minutes to adjust.”



Currently, power meters have dropped quite a bit in price. But, with the PowerPod priced at $299, the others must reduce their prices by at least another 50% to even get close. Only PowerPod works with any pedals, cranks, and wheels, provides both-leg power measurement, and is as easy to move from bike to bike. With its optional upgrades, it also becomes more than just a power meter, allowing you to analyze and improve technique, like how well you draft, how much and where you brake, how many watts you lose through pedaling and bike handling inefficiencies, and even a basic wind tunnel function is in development for people with approved classic power meters.” POWERPOD IS SIMPLE TO USE and a BARGAIN AT EVEN TWICE THE PRICE!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – A TRUE 5/5 STAR RATING!


The5k runner

"As an intro into riding by power this is a great and inexpensive product….”

“...considerably cheaper than a direct force power meter and easily swappable between bikes..... Perfect for the beginner and multi-bike owner. Perfect for the expert too. Why? Because if you combine the Powerpod, working on air pressure, with a ‘direct force/traditional’ power meter then the difference between the two sets of ‘watts’ equates to your aerodynamic drag. So you can work out how to tweak your riding position if you think about it. Cool."

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