COVID-19 Medical Products


We are now in unprecedented times with the emergence of the Covid-19 putting the entire world into a state of emergency. While most Asian countries have COVID-19 under control, many Western countries particularly USA, UK and Canada are in serious need of medical equipment and other medical products to combat this serious new illness. There is a world-wide shortage of medical equipment and we can assist.

We are working hard to provide much needed quality products from China and our headquarters in Xiamen and we only work with carefully vetted medical manufacturers that meet our stringent standards. We are 100% committed to fulfilling your medical needs with products of proven quality and certifications.  

We are normally custom sports apparel business, but have re-mobilised ourselves to make best use of our 20 years of trusted connections in China to provide medical products needed during this time. Our dedicated QC person is based in Xiamen and all products will be checked before shipping out.





Why work with us?

1.Dedicated quality control staff on the ground in China to ensure product quality and certifications are in order.
2. We speak Chinese and English.
3. We can ship globally to any government or medical institution that needs to combat COVID-19.
4. Can source any product you require. Consider us your one-stop-shop for all supplies relating to COVID-19.
5. If you are a USA medical facility or organisation, we work with a USA affiliated company who can handle payments and sign contracts for your peace of mind and convenience.


Some medical products we can supply

1.PPE Products (gloves, medical masks, goggles or a face shield, and gowns, as well as for specific procedures, respirators (i.e.,KN95 / N95 or FFP2 standard or equivalent) and aprons.
2.COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits - Note: At this time we are not providing these test kits. 
3.Ventilation Machines - i.e ICU VG-70 Note: No stock till end of May. Please enquire for the prices and to reserve your machine.
4. Infrared Thermometers - Are you an essential business such as a supermarket, pharmacy etc and need to do contactless screening with your customers before they can be permitted inside? We have stock from April 8th. 
5. Other medical equipment - we only work with reputable medical equipment manufacturers who have proven record with international customers and meet FDA / CE standards as well as meeting the requirements for New Zealand. If you have need for medical equipment for your medical or primary care practice, we can source and deliver right to your door. 


Contact us directly for further information about our medical products. We are looking forward to helping you in your quest to combat the COVID-19 virus.