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Q: How should I care for and wash my GreenMonkey apparel?

A: It is advised to machine wash clothing on the delicate setting and using cold water. Please don't over use wash detergent, it is best to use mild detergent and ensure all your zippers are closed before putting into the machine. Don't use fabric softeners and it is preferable to hang dry over using the dryer. 


Q: Do you charge extra for additional colours?

A:  No,  GreenMonkey offers unlimited colour choices utilising a full-dye sublimation process. This process of printing allows for detailed design printing and will remain colour fast for along time. 

Q: Can I see a sample of my custom design before I receive the clothing?

A: Yes you can. There are several options for this. 

  1. Once design has been finalised, you can see your design laid out onto a flat design template which you can approve from there.
  2. Some of our styles have 3D rendering which can be provided for checking as we move along the production process. 
  3. You can order a Mini-print to be sent to you, this is a full print (on mini scale) of your design onto the actual fabric used. There is no charge if sighted by photo only, but if send by International courier the cost is $60.  Generally speaking, clients request the physical sample if concerned about getting the Pantone colours correct or see how the printing looks.

Q: What format do I need to send my logos and artworks?

A: Vector graphics in .EPS or .AI format are strongly recommended. Please see our Art Guidelines for more details. If you don't have any vector graphics available, please enquire with us about utilising our design team to produce the logos and graphic elements you need for your kit design. There is additional cost for this service.

Q: I have my own designer or would like to do the artwork myself, can you send me templates?

A: Yes you may use our templates which are provided in the Creative Custom Brief PDF which you can download and use for your design. We will still use our internal designs to ensure all artwork is up-to-standard and our GreenMonkey logos are in the correct fixed locations.

Q: Do you charge for design work?

A:  We offer Two (2) hours of design time allocated your project without charge.  This design service is valid for up to Two (2) free revisions of the initial design proofs provided based on your filled out creative brief. 

Additional design time will be $80USD / hour  or $120 NZD +GST.  The design fees will be billed in 15-minute increments. 

Q: I don't really know what I want, can you help with ideas?

A: Our in-house graphic design team is very good at creating something unique to your needs. However, its very useful to provide us with examples of what kinds of designs you like; a good place for inspiration is checking on Please refer to our 24 Semi-customisable design PDF for some immediate inspiration. 


Q: Do I have to have the GreenMonkey logo on my custom wear?

A: At GreenMonkey we are proud of the work we produce. Our logo needs to appear on fixed locations on the tops and bibs. On the tops, we include one upper chest logo and our full logo on the rear middle pocket as well as some small logos on the collar. For bibs we require logo placement on at least one leg panel and on the rear.  See our LOGO guidelines. 

Q: Can I work directly with one of your designers?

A: Your account manager will assist you with your custom kit project from start to finish.  If it is vital, we can have one of our designers call you for clarification.  Normally your window of contact is with your account manager. 

Q: What colour system do you use?

A: We use the universal Pantone books for our colour references as the basis for communicating with client, designer and manufacturer. We will do our best to match to your provided Pantone colours (if you have these) and please be aware that colours may render differently on computer monitors or mobile phones. Printed colours on fabric always look different on the screen. 



Q: Do you have any minimum quantities?

A: We do offer no minimum quantities but the prices are generally double or more the cost of 5+ garment pricing tier. For example a jersey which is $170 for 5+ units will cost $340 for one custom designed jersey.  This is expensive, but it covers our set-up costs.

GreenMonkey will offer 5+ pricing on additional items in other styles if the minimum of 5+ has been reached both jersey and bib shorts. Ordering a mix of sizes is permitted.  So 5+5 gives you the 5+ price for any garments such as gillet, winter jackets, puffer vests etc and excluding accessories (eg, socks, gloves, and cycling caps).

Some styles are excluded from this which include all Trail clothing, B03 bib shorts and J03 bullet jerseys.  B03 Bib shorts currently have the following styles: 

  • Full sublimation - this means printed graphics all over the bib shorts including the chamois area
  • Regular Sublimation - this means the side panels, rear panel and leg grippers are printed.
  • Semi-Print - this means only the grippers are printed with your artwork and the rest of the bibs are pre-dye black
  • For the above three styles we have mens regular, womens short leg, and womens long leg.  Each of these need to have minimum order of 5 pieces each.  Cannot mix the styles or genders for the minimum order requirement. 

Q: What are the re-order minimums?

A: We don't have re-order minimums.  If you have previously ordered 5+ and wish to re-order a single garment, we will do the same as the 5+ price but will add the international courier fee to the cost. This also assumes no changes to the designs.


Q: Do you provide Fit Kits?

A: Yes we do. If you request a fit kit, we will send one out to you according to what your preferred styles are. This is a great service for finding out your exact size without guessing from a size chart.  We will send the fit kit to you free of charge but require a credit card authorisation in case any garments go missing or are damaged.  



Q: What is the $300+GST deposit?

A: We require this deposit before we can commence your design or work on your project. This is credited to your final order once placed.  This deposit is also a contract of agreement to work together through the whole process. It is non-refundable should you decide to cancel the project or put on hold. 

Q: What payment forms do you accept?

A: We accept credit card payments, PayPal, and normal bank transfer.

Q: What is your turn-around time?

A: Typically, most of our production times are 3-5 weeks in length and then you have international courier transit times of 4-10 days. During these covid times, the transit time can be up to 3 weeks (in the extreme case). You need to ensure you start the design process with plenty of time to allow for the production and delivery time. 

Q: Do you offer faster turn-around times?

A: Yes we most definitely do. We have a 1-week express service if you have an event date coming up fast. This express service will cost additional $250 flat rate for your order. But we do guarantee fast delivery when you choose this service. Only limited styles is available for this service.

Q: If an order has already been placed to production, can I still add more items?

A: Normally once an order is in production we cannot make any further changes. But please check with us and we can see the progress in the queue and make a special decision.  Failing this, you can place another order which will come at a later date to your original order.

Q: When does the 4-6 week time-line kick in with my custom order?

A: Once you have finalised and approved the design proofs and the production department has provided the factory layout, the time starts counting down. If you make last minute changes after it has just gone to production queue, you will lose up to 2-3 weeks time.


Q: How long does it take once my custom garments have been shipped?

A: Once your custom garments have been dispatched, it typically takes 7-8 days to receive your package.